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Another Patient Success with the Advanced ProSumnus MicrO2® Oral Appliance!

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One of the most rewarding aspects of the work we do here at the Northeast Ohio Center for Dental Sleep Medicine is seeing our patients successfully improve their sleep and their health. Recently, we treated a wonderful patient named Cheryl with the state-of-the-art ProSumnus MicrO2® oral appliance, and she let us know just how great the results have been.

Cheryl had a history of adult orthodontic treatment with Invisalign®, so our experienced sleep apnea dentist, Douglas Desatnik, DDS, customized her oral appliance treatment plan in a way that could prevent the teeth from shifting position over time. Dr. Desatnik worked in tandem with Cheryl’s orthodontist to talk about the approach to the design, and the results seem to be a great success. Cheryl says she’s had no problems so far and her jaw feels fine. She also notes that her orthodontist says the device should keep her teeth in place, and the outcome has so far been great!

Cheryl’s story is one of the many examples that illustrate why we are so committed to a collaborative approach to patient care, particularly in cases that may be more challenging than others. Dr. Desatnik will continue to follow up with Cheryl over time. He says it’s the combination of a really nice patient and interdisciplinary care that make oral appliance therapy for OSA fun!

You can find more info about Cheryl’s treatment and see what she has to say on our recent facebook post. If you would like to learn more about oral appliance treatment for sleep apnea, please contact us today.